CRISTELLE / Likes & Dislikes
(random order)

Favorite color is pink
She loves....glitter, sparkle, anything shiny
Eating Italian Food or Sushi

Going to Clubs

Going to Las Vegas
Loves fashion of all types
oves to try something new all the time, if possible every day
Meeting new people from all parts of the world
Old friends
Loves flowers all kinds
Loves dogs
Loves to travel
Love to see how others live. their culture and habits

giving to others - to her there is no other feeling like it
Rude people
False people

Cold days
eople who litter
People who do not share the wealth with others in need
People who mistreat their pets
Guys who think to much of themselves (big turn off!)
Snakes (really freak her out!)


Cristelle is a "fun loving, trendy, wont stop
till she gets to the top" kind of girl
Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA
Parents: mom British, dad Persian 
One older Brother
Cristelle has been performing since she could walk
Coming from a musical, artistic family background she was always surrounded by singers, actors, artists
Her mom was a singer in a girl band of the Sixties back in Liverpool, England
From an Early age, Cristelle would take the wooden spoon from the kitchen using it as her "microphone" and
put on a show for her teddy bears and dolls
She started singing as soon as she could talk - which was just the beginning - she went on to be an
amazing dancer and ice skater as well
Cristelle started dancing at age 2, Ballet, Jazz, Modern & Hip Hop
She went to every dance class she could find because she couldn't get enough
Her love of Ice Skating started at age 6, she took to it like a duck to water
It only took a couple of months and she was doing moves that would take other skaters a year to master.
Every competition she entered into brought her first place medals and trophies. It has been 15 years she is still going strong
She spent a season with Disney on Ice performing in High School Musical, which was one of the highlights of her skating career.
A great experience for her never to be forgotten
Cristelle went to many great school's for her education: K-8 she attended Catholic Schools
Her big break came when she was accepted into Los Angeles High for the Performing Arts
From 250 auditioning students ( they only accepted 22 from the 250 ) she got a spot
For her this was the world that she needed to be in
Surrounded by people who feel the same way as she was a dream come true
There she studied vocal and dance for the next 4 years under the best teachers from around the world
She was able to perform many times in numerous productions and concerts
This was her passion which was now right in her hands - the dream became a reality
Over the years Cristelle has had many amazing vocal coaches all with amazing stories to tell
They all where not only a great inspiration but their teachings gave her the confidence to get out there and give it all she's got
And that is what she did - performing at venues and shows 
Cristelle always has 2 quotes in her mind:
To sing is to feel, to express, to love deeply - always keep the passion in your heart and never let it die!
Never let anyone tell you that you can not succeed - prove them wrong!